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2015 our non-woven industrial policy and environmental analysis

       In 2020 in a comprehensive way and the basic requirement for the realization of industrialization, taking into account the future development trends and conditions, well-off country in 2020 to meet growing domestic demand, with strong international competitiveness and sustainable development of modern textile industry.
         According to Non-woven fabric Industry analysis and policy research, to adapted national economic structure strategic adjustment and established a long-term effective of mechanism, expanded domestic needs, full construction society well-off in second a ten years, first, textile industrial of need full meet city and rural per capita clothing consumption average about 14.5% of total consumption needs growth home good two species resources and both at home and abroad of new of competition advantage, develop more big of market, meet people better of employment and is; Create a good ecological environmentSecond, to fully adapt the national economy in the later transformation of the development pattern of industrial manufacturing industry, the need to establish a modern industrial system, accelerating demand for industrial textiles, especially the hi-tech textiles, keeping industrial textiles, processing capacity growth average annual growth of 7.5%;Third, speed up change export growth industry of way, textile industry enterprise out of to, participation international cooperation and competition, integration international resources, improve brand in international market, textile clothing export value, average annual growth 7% around, growth has 7.5% of average level of discourse a years in "Twelve-Five" more harsh of choices-and serious consequences of "during average annual growth 6%, to 2020 fiber products export total $ 400 billion.