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Are you excited today?

  • Author:Amy
  • Release on :2016-04-09


   Its very exciting our new official website  was on-line on 6th Apr,2016. welcome to visit our new website.Our products have disposable face masks, shoe covers, bouffant cap,coverall, surgical gown, Isolation Gown,scrub suit,bed sheet and so on.They are very good.

   In recent years, nonwoven industry has developed rapidly, which belongs to the sunrise industry.As a member of this industry, I believe our company will have a place at home and abroad.

   According to the official website, our company recently participats in a competition with other comapny for 50 days. The competition is intense, everyone try their best efforts to improve the website. As a trade freshman,I belive we can get knowlegde from it.

   So fighting!