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Brief introduction for disposable coverall

  • Author:Rhycom
  • Release on :2016-04-19

Non woven disposable coverall is made of lamination spunbond non woven farbric,only disposable use,disposable coverall is used for isolation between the human body and infectious environment,can block the penetration of the liquid pollutants,played a protective role for human body.With the development of the society,the use of the coverall is more widely,such as cleaning cleanup work,isolation and epidemic disinfection for disease infection area,the daily protection for doctors,the daily prevention for farms ect,protective coverall can effectively prevent the staffs from virus and bacteria in vaded and infected.


Disposable non woven coverall with large,middle and small three sizes.


Non-woven disposable protective clothing mainly made of PP,PE+PP,SMS,SF


Protective coverall is suit for farm visit,immunization and laboratory manipulation.


Xiantao Rhycom Non-Woven Products Co.,Ltd.Main products are disposablbe protective coverall,disposable face mask,disposable isolation gown,disposable industry and home care shoe cover,disposable beauty spa barber gown,disposable scrub suit,disposable kimono.Because of the order season is coming,Rhycom non woven factory’s dust-free workshop’s workers are busy at sewing the disposable coveralls for Brazil market,isolation gown for European market,bouffant cap for Australian market,it is said that during the production of these orders,other sales representatives also have other orders for medical disposable non woven farbric isolations.From now on,Xiantao city have been one of the top three non woven products industry bases in the whole country.We believe that during the development and transformation process,Xiantao Rhycom Non Woven Products Co.,Ltd will come out to top,we also believe that Xiantao Non Woven’s exportation value will be increased.