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A brief introduction to the disposable nonwoven lab coat

  • Author:Rhycom
  • Release on :2016-06-20

If we are in the Laboratory, disposable lab coat is popular for professional or Visitors to professionals perform research.The, it is convenient Disposable Laboratory coat. Waterproof anti-bacterial, anti-blood can be.

PP non-woven disposable lab coats made Buttons and a collar, elastic cuffs and can be a PP non-woven fabric, the size of the Customized according to customer requirements.

Then there is Velco PP Non Woven Laboratory coat.The elastic cuffs, Velcro size can be customized, and also closed one color Depending on the customer's requirements.

Study, when performing a water-proof and anti-working The bacteria is very important for everyone in the labrotry, we must Protected by the Laboratory coat.It is dustproof, it can be anti-blood products Nonwoven fabrics made with the usual elastic Velcro closure PP + PE Cuffs, one color, the size can also be customized to customer requirements.

SMS disposable lab coat button Closed, single color, size can be customized according to customer Usually required ventilation, anti-bacterial, waterproof, anti Inn In the blood lab popupar.