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nonwoven or pe sleeve cover
Release on 2016-12-14When we work in the office,we ofen wear sleeve covers to keep our clothes clean.There are many kinds of sleeve covers.Our company product disposable n...Read More
How eco-friendly are non-woven bags?
Release on 2016-10-23Is the cure worse than the disease? How eco-friendly are the non-woven bags that look like a cross between paper and cloth and are now being used wide...Read More
disposable spa products
Release on 2016-09-23When we do SPA,we usually find there are many disposable nonwoven or plastic products.We provide many kinds of spa products.Disposable underwear is be...Read More
Disposable sleeve cover and gloves for kitchen
Release on 2016-09-12In order to keep clean,we usually use sleeve covers and gloves in kitchen.Disposable PE sleeve covers and PE gloves are cheap and economic,which they ...Read More
Nonwoven isolation gown with printing
Release on 2016-09-06Recently,I find our company have disposable isolation gowns with printing.There are many kinds of printing.They are beautiful and their quality is goo...Read More
Go to KTV for my Sunday
Release on 2016-08-21Today,I and my friend go to KTV for relaxing our moods.Before we sang songs,we would use nonwoven spearker cover to cover micphone.It's clean. I fo...Read More
A wildfire broke out in a mountain pass in san bernardino county
Release on 2016-08-17  Authorities in southern California have ordered the evacuation of 82,000 people after a wildfire broke out in a mountain pass in San Bernardino co...Read More
Disposable PE/CPE gloves
Release on 2016-08-16Disposable plastic products have many kinds.In our daily life,they are used in a kinds of fields.We can use PE gloves for eatting food.There are many ...Read More
disposable wheel steering cover
Release on 2016-08-10In order to protect our car,we need also disposable wheel steering cover except car cover.There are plastic wheel steering cover and PP nonwoven wheel...Read More
disposable face mask with eye shield
Release on 2016-08-09anti splash disposable non woven face mask,Disposable face mask with splash shield,disposable nonwoven anti-fog face mask ,Disposable anti fog visor f...Read More
Nonwoven shopping bags
Release on 2016-08-04  In our daily life,we usually see shopping bags.The nonwoven bags are used widely.They are though,durableand beautiful.They have many colors,which ...Read More
pp+pe coated fluid resistant disposable surgical gown supplier
Release on 2016-08-02Our non woven PE coated Medical Surgical Gowns, Non woven PE coated Medical Surgical Gowns for sale,Non woven PE coated Hospital Surgical Gowns, Non w...Read More
Nonwoven car cover
Release on 2016-07-30For the convenience of travel, more and more peeple buy car now.So we should maintain our cars.We can use nonwoven car dust cover,disposable non woven...Read More
eyes protector working safety protective goggles
Release on 2016-07-26Product Name eyes protector working safety protective goggles Item No. RK-71028 Materi...Read More
Nonwoven computer covers
Release on 2016-07-24More and more people use computers now.It is important to protect your computer.In order to keep our computer clean,it is a good choice to buy a nonwo...Read More
reusable forever anti fog anti saliva transparent face mask
Release on 2016-07-22Our Anti Saliva Transparent plastic face mouth mask,anti fog forever transparent plastic face mask for food service,Reusable restaurant transparent pl...Read More
Our Main Products
Release on 2016-07-211. China Disposable Cap: 1.1. Mob cap 1.2. Doctor cap (Surgical cap with tie/surgical cap with elastic) 1.3. Strip cap 1.4. Space ...Read More
We have a widely range of disposable medical consumables and plastic products
Release on 2016-07-13Our products are well popular with at home and abroad.Our products are widely used in health care,medical consumables,beauty parlor,daily use,industri...Read More
We picked the grapes yesterday
Release on 2016-07-11Yesterday,we went to vineyard for picking the grapes.They are many kinds of grapes.We took some photos.We had a good holiday.     When we were...Read More
Torrential rain deluged the roads in Xiantao
Release on 2016-07-08   After two days of torrential rain,the water on the road was very deep.It is very hard to go work.We couldn't use car or electric vehicle.We were ...Read More