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Four issues for the development of domestic disposable surgical gown need to be solved

  • Author:Rhycom
  • Release on :2016-04-29

Not perfect support service makes it is difficult to be used by the hospital.

Even though domestic non woven fabric disposable surgical gowns’s quality and quantity is inproved in recent years,however,disposable surgical gowns’s penetration is not so high,this problem is still not to be overcome,disposable surgical gowns difficult to be used by hospitals,mainly because of these four reasons:

First, the development of standards and specifications work is seriously lagging behind, lagging standards work led directly to the uneven quality of products. According to statistics, the current standard nonwoven products related to health care totaled 32, of which only three are national standard in 2003, when the SARS emergency developed, other industry standards are developed health care system, and more for the product standards or terminology, standards are  directly related to textiles no more than 12. In addition, the current procurement of hospital work normally done by the Medical Affairs Section, Branch or equipment due to lack of product standards and certification requirements for materials, procurement only by checking the "three cards", the product quality is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, how according to the needs of current industry standards to develop a detailed work plan, is a very urgent and important task for medical surgical gowns.

Second, the lack of policies and regulations to guide and safeguard mechanisms. Uncertainty about the lack of medical practice protection laws and regulations enacted and personal protection guarantee mechanism needs a lot of medical products for impact protection. The Ministry of Health issued the "Occupational Disease Prevention Law," laws and regulations "hospital infection management regulations", "Sudden Public Health Emergency Ordinance" and other medical staff at the clinic, and related work done in personal protective provisions, but in addition to the "avian flu occupational exposure personal protective know principle "provides quality and performance requirements for protective equipment,the order for wear off and set aside also the effective time, other regulations have no specific provisions for performance requirements for medical use and personal protective equipment,let alonemedical protective products santandard requirements.


Third,certification hinder the healthy industry forward,due to the lack of standard and rules of technic support,domestic medical and hygiene non woven fabric industry certification is relatively empty,especially,the approval for surgical gown manage system is confusing,general cotton protective coverall and general non woven fabric coverall is first grade mechanism,can be authorized by municipal,disposable and reusable medical coverall is belong to second grade mechanism,authorized by province medical mechanism manage system,however,for the material and product production process technology is not noted.

Moreover,large number of domestic surgical gowns,face mask ect products was tested and packaed by overseas authorized organizations,high price sold back to domestic,extended circulation greatly increased the ultimate user’s purchase cost,seriously hindered the healthy industry.also more inhibition for high performance products used by domestic hospitals.In fact,many surgical gowns are imported abroad domestic,while,purchase prices are much more higher than they bought at domestic hospitals.

Fourth, public innovation service platform and system construction is weak. Compared with developed countries, the majority of China's industrial enterprises with non-woven fabric by the size and strength development background of limited research is relatively small, there is a single product, lack of innovative capacity and low-level redundant construction and so on. Meanwhile, the medical protective product reserves and distribution mechanism is not perfect. Domestic medical protective equipment is basically homegrown enterprises, lack of materials testing and dispensing means, poor scheduling product with a number of enterprises with a stable contact, the emergence of public health emergencies, the production and supply is prone to chaos. Therefore, enterprises must have the capacity for hospitals need to do their own marketing strategies in order to grab the market opportunity.