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Ecological spinning cloth bag and function

        Ecological bags of raw materials is a kind of earthwork cloth without textile, it is made of polypropylene synthetic fibre into a network of high intensity plane stable material.This particular configuration of polypropylene can resist ultraviolet ray, is not affected by chemicals in the land.This material does not happen qualitative decay, permanent non-biodegradable and can resist pests.

        Ecological bag is approved by the industry of water and physical properties.Ecological bag raw material moisture resistance, do not absorb moisture, moisture appeared won't destroy the bag, the bag will not deformation, does not dissolve in the liquid pollution.

        Ecological bag adopts special formula materials, does not support, do not absorb, not help the fungi grow, not rot, not moldy, not bad.Ecological bag can withstand 150 degrees Celsius without melting, can withstand the minimum temperature for - 40 degrees Celsius.Ecological bag carbon ink, and other UV resistant components by the geosynthetic materials research institute (GRI) four accelerated experiment, 260 kpa pressure at 25 degrees Celsius water interface, engineering strength life of more than 120 years, after the proper loading stability and comprehensive coverage, service life can reach more than 200.

        Instructions: non-woven ecological bag is made of polypropylene synthetic fibre after cross web acupuncture forming of high strength non-woven engineering materials, with strong corrosion resistance, UV resistance, anti-aging, non-toxic, no combustion, good stability and tear don't stretch, etc.

         Ecological bag is non-woven ecological bag by anti-aging sewing and have certain physical properties of high strength yarn bags, the size of conventional ecological bag is 110 cm by 50 cm, 45 cm, 80 cm x 95 cm x 35 cm, etc.

         Ecological bag is an important part of flexible ecological slope engineering system, has targeted the filtering function of soil and water conservation, which can prevent the loss of ecological bag packing, and can realize the normal circulation of water in the soil, so as to reduce the slope of the hydrostatic pressure, the characteristics of soil and ecological bag at the same time, also keep the soil and vegetation on medium.Ecological bag material to plant friendly, make plants by bag body freedom growth, plant root growth and other excellent performance.Filled with soil (can adjust the soil nutrient) selective ecological bag code build by laying bricks or stones to mountain slope is very steep outer layer, connection with ecological bag buckles.

         Ecological bag of build by laying bricks or stones, can grow to the above all kinds of green plants, roots of vegetation will strengthen ecological bag of tightness and the connection strength, to form a permanent ecological green slope.Ecological green bag, is the barren hills, mine repair, highway slope green, river regulation in more environmental protection and energy saving construction method.

         Features: ecological bags in slope engineering application, this new material, stone, cement and other material can replace completely, can greatly reduce the engineering cost.After construction of the surface of the slope with vegetation coverage, the excavation slope greening effect, form the natural ecological slope.

         Has no through permeable soil filter function, so the formation of the slope with high water permeability, the soil erosion, local mud rock (soil), protection and stability of the slope landslide and so on has a strong effect, can become a permanent high stability of natural slope.

        Technical indicators: the physical properties of fracture strength/(KN/M) 7 or higher elongation, tearing strength of 40-80 % / KN acuity 0.175 grip strength p/N 300 CBR bursting strength p/N 1490 hydrological properties equivalent aperture O90 vertical permeability coefficient (O95) / 0.20 mm / 0.17 (cm/s)