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Enviromental charity value for non woven bags

  • Author:Rhycom
  • Release on :2016-05-05

Non-woven bags more environmentally friendly with public value: with the plastic limit stratage issued, non woven bags is for environmental problems solvement. Non woven bags capsized use,greatly reduced the pressure for waste transfer.So it also called environmental bags,with the concept of environmental protection,it can better reflect your corporate image and populist effects.Thus,the potential value can not be substituted by money.   

Since the “plastic limit implementation,supermarket no longer offer shopping bag,it resulted a problem is that every time will need to buy a shopping bag,it will be easy for us to restore so many plastic bags at home,also you will bear a lot of money for the shopping bags.In this cases,non woven bags stand out,not only beautiful but also can be reused,you will not be disturbed by the white rubbish at home.Non woven fabric bags are made of new brand material,it is the first grade material by domestic quality test.With moisture,breathable,flexible,lightweight,non-combustion,easily biodegradable,non-toxic and non-irritating,recyclable ect features.Non woven fabric is colorful,fashionable and environmental,versatile,beautiful,patterns and styles have multi choice,light weight,environmentally,friendly,recyclable,recognized by the international community to protect the Earth’s ecological environmental protection products.