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European Nonwovens production grows 3.6% amid slow economic growth

  • Source:EDANA
  • Release on :2016-07-01

  EDANA today disclosed its preliminary 2015 annual statistics, offering a comprehensive picture of the nonwovens industry across Greater Europe. This information, released to the industry earlier than ever before, shows an overview of the industry’s strength and resilience, and those growing sectors and manufacturing processes.
  According to figures collected and compiled by EDANA, the overall production of nonwovens  or we also called coverall in Europe grew by 3.6% in 2015 to reach 2,329,000 tonnes, despite an environment of slow economic growth. While the output of the European Union has limited growth, some countries showed strong growth development.And the production of disposable face masks and disposable daily consumables such as pillow cases or covers also have great increasing.

  Jacques Prigneaux, EDANA’s Market Analysis and Economic Affairs Director said “A country like Turkey continued to record double-digit growth, which more than compensated for the decline recorded in some other European markets.”

  Divergent trends can be observed, not only between the different Greater European markets, but also between the various production processes of nonwovens. The production of fiber-based materials for example, including Drylaid, Wetlaid, and Airlaid technologies, recorded an increase of 3.1%, and spunmelt nonwovens recorded the highest growth rate with 4.3%. Nevertheless, the highest growth in tonnes were observed in the drylaid-hydroentangled process, with a 7.0% increase.