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Glove function

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  • Release on :2016-04-22
Gloves Function (definition)
Hand in production is one of the most valuable and most universal tool, according to the occupational health safety encyclopedia: hand injury accounts for about 25% of the total industrial injury accident.No matter from protect human health and consider from economic Angle, the hand protection is very important. 
A, injuries of the hand in the process of production factors
Hand damage factors in the process of production is varied, but can be roughly from the following several factors: fire and heat, electricity, chemicals, collision, cutting, bruises, infection and so on. 
Among the factors to mechanical damage, such as the impact, cut the most common, and electrical damage and radiation damage are often the most serious consequences. 
Second, the classification of hand protection articles (according to the function)
1, high temperature resistant gloves, acidproof alkali glove, oil resistant gloves, insulated gloves, anti-slip gloves, prevent cutting gloves, freeze protection gloves, welding gloves, flame retardant gloves, antistatic gloves, protective gloves and shock gloves, electric gloves, etc. 
Second, the classification of hand protection articles (according to the material)
1, pure cotton gloves, dacron gloves, cotton gloves, such as rubber gloves, latex gloves, nitrile butadiene gloves, PVC gloves, knitted gloves, leather gloves, antistatic gloves,, kay fulla gloves, di nima gloves, wool gloves, gloves, such as stainless steel
Insulating gloves: refers to the workers in the ac voltage 10 kv and below electrical equipment (or corresponding voltage grade of dc electrical equipment) charged on homework.Gloves have good electrical insulation properties, tensile strength and elongation at failure, and puncture resistance, aging resistance, burning resistance and low temperature resistance. 
Acidproof alkali glove: to prevent acid and alkali injury of hand protection products.Gloves are not allowed to bloom, crisp, sticky, and defects such as broken.Gloves don't leak sex refers to: must have air tightness, under the specific pressure, no leakage phenomenon.Waterproof gloves, protective gloves available acidproof alkali glove instead. 
Oil resistant gloves: this kind of product using acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, chloroprene or pu materials, such as to protect the hand skin avoid the fat class material stimulation causes various skin diseases, such as acute dermatitis, folliculitis, chapping, pigmentation, nail changes, etc. 
Welding gloves: for defense during welding of high temperature, molten metal, spark burning hand personal protective equipment.First-grade product requirements of welding gloves leather thickness uniformity, plump and soft and elastic, leather surface villus meticulous, consistent, fast, and the color depth, no greasy feeling.Second: leather body lack full flexibility, leather face down slightly thick, color shades. 
Anti-vibration gloves: used for contact vibration, such as in forestry, mining, construction, transportation and other departments with handheld vibration tools (such as chain saw, drill, etc.) when the oscillation caused by vibration of the occupational disease prevention "white" personal protective equipment.Fire retardant gloves: flame retardant canvas or other fire flame retardant fabric is commonly used in making fire flame retardant gloves, applicable to the smelting furnaceman or other furnaces type of work. 
Anti-static gloves: these products are mainly used in weak current, precision instruments, printing, assembly, product inspection, electronic industry in various research institutions, etc.Gloves made of conductive fiber containing accumulated in the hands of the electrostatic disappear soon.With polyurethane or polyethylene coated gloves mainly is not easy to produce dust and electrostatic. 
The cutting gloves: used to prevent hard object thorns cut hand.Used in metal processing, machinery processing, glass industry, automobile industry and steel plate etc.