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How to prevent child sore throat?

  • Author:JENNY
  • Release on :2016-05-16

How to prevent child sore throat?


  My son feel unwell, have a fever, cough or sore throat,we took him to Child hospital.The doctor, who wore disposable non woven face mask,disposable non woven doctor cap,disposable SMS reinforced surgical gown to prevent infect said he suffer from an inflammation of the throat.I hope he will get well soon.

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  Nowadays,many children went to hospital since sore throat.

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  Children recurrent fever, cough, sputum and sore throat are common in delicious snacks, sweets, Fried foods, beverages, cold drinks and dairy products, because these snacks well attached on the throat, is a good medium for various kinds of microorganisms, usually oral mucosa are parasitic lots of normal flora, if we often eat the food, can let like to eat the food of microbial breeding, when these microbes broke the balance between them, the dominant microorganisms one party will do mischief, cause the body sick or sore throat, light only to cause cough, later will be sore throat or other ailments such as colds, if we ignore will be further aggravated.If we don't kick the diet that we treatment while training, is equal to doing this.But also easy to form a variety of microbial resistance.Wait until the day we have a drug resistance of bacteria in later, when we are sick again has no cure.This is a very horrible thing.Current treatment is the best way to rid of these snacks, after treatment with antibiotics or to cause such effect is good.Or you every time after recovery treatment, and after a while.

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  How to prevent: every night before going to bed at ordinary times even skin raw white heauy point, also can be labeled as white turnip juice to drink or mix can be shredded Chinese cold dish to eat.This is advantageous to the cough better, because white have heauy runfei, raising lung, throat, cough, phlegm effect.If you like to eat those food at ordinary times, eat after eating then white heauy you will find that you seldom appears cough and sore throat.

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