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Hubei non-woven industrial upgraded

  • Author:Rhycom
  • Release on :2016-04-08

Hubei development meeting of non-woven industry had hold in Xiantao city which is famously named “the Chinese most famous non-woven hometown”. He emphasize that we should accurately grasp the opportunity with stable confidence and determination to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the non- woven industrial . At presently , acceleration of the industrial developing leaps are happening in Xiantao where is actively built as the Chinese non-woven famous filed by many factories.


Delegates had visited Xiantao nonwoven Ruikang company which is playing the leader roler of the whole Xiantao marketing in Hubei . After the report from the leaders of Xiantao enterprises and the local government , The vice governor of Hubei province pointed out that the non-woven field took the very important position in textile industry of Hubei province, which had the advanced developing speed , huge economic profit and great strength . Against the economic recession of the world wide,The turnover of the Hubei enterprise achieved to RMB14.9 billion by 27.66% increasing rate, which exactly demonstrate the great potential of Hubei industrial development.


Mr Xu stressed that non-woven industry is in transforming key stage during "manufacturing" to "creating” after rapid development .All the local government must seize the chance of transformation and updating ,and according to the guidance of Chinese policy with the confidence and determination to enhance the support and service,we need to focus on the speedy instruction adjustment of non-woven industry from four aspects : products, technologies,regions, organizations. Enterprises should strive to achievethe main business income to RMB 60 billion till 2017.