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I need face mask

  • Author:Amy
  • Release on :2016-05-12

  I had a cold last year so that it left its mask.Due to the changnable weather,I start have a cough.I feel terrible.

So the health is very important,we should practice excercise and protect our body.When I work,I think i should 

wear face mask.

 diposable face maskdiposable face mask

  Just our company is a maunfacturer for disposable nonwoven and plastic products.We can produce disposable face mask.

Wearing face mask is good for me to avoid spreading my illness to others .And it is dustproof.

  There are common nonwoven face mask and face mask with printed.The pictures above are common,which is made of 

nonwoven and filter paper.

 diposable face maskdiposable face mask

  I like face mask with printed,which is beautiful.Many girls and children love it.If you need,you can visit our website.