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Japan and Vietnam to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the textile industry to reach a consensus

    For TPP agreement take effect , Japan and Vietnam reached the census for the cooperation of textile industry in the Committee on 19 March.  

    The Japanese government is assessing the enterprises which were built their branches in Vietnam,also offer them grants or related preferential tax measures.

For this,Japan and Vietnam will hold their meeting regularly to discuss the activity stratagem for related industrial,it is predicted that the 1st meeting will be held in June this year.

Japan is expected to try this TPP opportunity to restart business opportunity for the sluggish textile industry and the big competition from China mainland products.Non woven fabric industry included,Xiantao Rhycom Non Woven Co.,Ltd  chasing after this opportunity to develop the Japan market,application for CE,Type5&6 certification etc,so far,the sales value raised quadrupledly.

    2015, Japan Vietnam output amounted to 1 trillion yen 5,163 million ,compared to the year of 2014 it increased 21%. Vietnam's population of about 90 million people, the growth means potential market.


    It is approximately 1,500 Japan enterprises stationed in Vietnam focus on manufacturing area.Japan government is expecting to chase TPP to build a good relationship with Vietnam trading relationship,targeted to output more goods to Vietnam than China and Korea.