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Japan’s Nonwovens Demand Is On The Rise

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  • Release on :2016-09-24
Japan’s nonwovens demand has been on the rise after the effects of the worldwide recession. In 2008 nonwovens demand reached 381,641 tons, which then decreased to 340,260 tons in 2009 due to economic crisis. Afterwards, the market recovered to 385,538 tons in 2011, exceeding demand in 2008, despite the negative effects caused by the great earthquake disaster in 2011. 

While nonwovens demand in automobile applications decreased greatly in 2011, the demand for wet tissues increased rapidly because of the increasing demand in the area impacted by the disaster, which was also responsible for the automotive decline. Depressed demand for automobiles soonafter recovered and sales have increased more than 10%. In addition, the demand for life-related materials and hygiene items represents a positive trend, and as a result Japan’s domestic demand for nonwovens is estimated to have increased by 4% in 2012. 

Japan’s domestic demand for nonwovens has increased steadily, in spite of the great earthquake disaster. Still, the amount of imported nonwovens has increased, exceeding  more than 30%, in 2011, and estimated to grow to 32.1% in 2012. Yet, the products of Japanese nonwovens makers overseas have been involved in these imported nonwovens. 

Face mask , Coverall, lab coat and aprons apparel are the main products made of disposable non woven fabrics in Japan. 

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