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Medical Nonwovens Offer Modern Solutions

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  • Release on :2016-09-17


Global nonwovens producers continue to invest in this growing market.


The global medical nonwoven disposables market is expected to reach $10.05 billion by the year 2020, according to a recent study from Grand View Research. On the one hand, the increasing prevalence of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) is driving growth in the market, where products such as disposable drapes and gowns ,doctor's caps , disposable surigical face masks are playing an important role in reducing the rate of HAIs. On the other hand, rapidly increasing aging populations throughout the world are giving a boost to the adult incontinence market.


While medical products made with nonwovens are more likely to be used in the developed regions of North America and Western Europe, major players in the industry are beginning to see increasing interest in these high-performance materials spreading to all corners of the globe.

“It is forecasted by independent research firms that the demand for medical nonwovens is growing even in developed regions,” says Lynda Kelly, SVP Care Business area, 
“In North America, demand for nonwovens for medical products is projected to grow roughly 5%, while in Europe the estimated annual growth rate is around 3%. These growth forecasts are supported by the current global health and well-being mega trends: an increase in the number of pandemics and hospital-acquired infections, as well as the challenges and changing operating models faced by the health care sector.”