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Non woven advantage

  • Author:JENNY
  • Release on :2016-05-23
Non woven Features: 
1.SSPP / SPP / SMS non-woven 
disposable non woven fabric
2.Hand sewing, gown style
3.Light-weight, Non-irritating,antibacterial property ,good tensile strength, Lint-free, Superior air-  permeable and anti-static, impact resistance, soft, comfortable
4.Provide an excellent barrier to potentially infectious blood and other bodily fluids.against splatter of chemical material and solid dust
5.Disposable non woven surgical gown mainly for doctor for operation, also available to use in the  isolation room’s doctors and visitors. 
disposable isolation gown

6.Disposable SMS surgical gown is the most conventional medical apparel, can reach the health  protection standards in the general case. 
disposable SMS surgical gown
7.Minimize cross-infection during surgery
8.create the best barriers for bacteria, blood and other fluids
9.dissipate body heat.

Can be used in hospital, laboratory, food industry, chemical industry anywhere which need protection.
Prevent and isolate dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus invading.
Can be used as a visitor coat.
Prevent the cross infection in medical treatment at sanitation field.
Economical and disposable.