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Non-woven markets around the world is entering the development fast lane

    Ebola outbreak in Africa last year, together with the affected people in Africa into the world people's vision is wearing a full set of white equipment, health workers. Together with the African people, they occupy the front page of the big news media all over the world. There is no doubt that these one hundred percent news is true, then the crisis is as sure as a gun. This kind of picture of disaster news reports not only to a special shooting disaster movie studio provides material and Lenovo, also caused the attention of the world textile industry. The reason is that the health workers are not to be infected with a few, they wear protective clothing has been unable to withstand the invasion of ebola. The international development and aid agency for International Development (USAID) believes that the ability to develop the Ebola virus shielding door service has become whether the key to winning the battle of the fight against the Ebola virus, so they set up a "fight against Ebola" door service development award.

    At the first time, the center for biological engineering innovation and design of Hopki University in the United States developed a special protective clothing for health care workers. This seemingly simple but requires the use of technical means to achieve that is sealed and temperature control and breathable protective clothing. Soon, the University joined the international health organization set up plans. The scheme to the whole world to recruit innovative design ideas, they received a total of 15 kinds of development philosophy, that is to help fighting in the first line medical health workers door deadly virus. The development of this kind of protective clothing needs absolute safety and comfort. It is suitable for the West African countries. It must have the function of heat transfer and moisture transfer. Prior to this, that is, in 2014 there have been hundreds of medical and health workers died of Ebola virus infection. The cause of death is the protective effect of the protective clothing is not good. Hopki University developed a new protective clothing can effectively isolate the virus.

    The consolidation of new protective clothing head cover eyes wide, and protective clothing are connected as a whole, the ventilation hole in the top of the head, the back drawing can effectively reduce the virus invasion probability, compared with the existing, an increase of electric control, dry air natural circulation service door of the cocoon, which biggest medical function is shielding virus invasion. The principle of temperature control from experts in the University for the development of heart disease patients with coronary heart disease and cardiac arrest in emergency equipment. This protective clothing almost reflects the highest level of technical textiles. However, in fact, medical textiles, the term is not what we are saying the mainstream products of textile technology, and even the world's mainstream media did not see it as a key to fight Ebola virus. In fact, the industry of non - textile industry or technology has not developed or discussed it as a key product, but it is extremely urgent.