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Non-woven fabrics take the place of plastic sheeting for green rice seedling technology

  • Author:Rhycom
  • Release on :2016-04-01

It is not a tranditional plastic sheeting,but non woven fabrics,airy,breathable also absorbent,fabric fragments reduced the soil pollution,today,Chongqing’s seedling new technology on-site training was held at Huangzhuang modern OILS park,Jiangjin district.Some of the county agricultural workers and large grain worker showed great interest in green seedlings.


It is said that geen seedlings including green dry seedlings,dry sedling blanket machine seedling,dry seedling non plate throwing seedling,dry seedling plastic plate throwing seedling.The most important technology is to use biogas fertilize seed bed.Biogas liquid to soak seeds as per 1:1 rate,also can use original liquid to soak seeds 36 hours,first cover a layer of supermicro film in the surface of soil,and then build sheds for fabric non woven covering.


Good seedlings means half harvest year’s gran.city algricultural technology extension station’s researcher said.Fabric is airy,breathable also absorbent ,brings big reduction of high temperaturn buring seedlings,rainwater also can be infiltrated.No need manual exposing cloth for water management.Green seedling can save four breeding employees,also it is water-saving,more than 50yuan was saved per ha,also hign germination rate ,tillors,growing fast and strong,more efficient nutritience of absorbtion,layed a good foundation of yied.


The research results proved that after using this technology it yield 26.8-97.2kg per ha.The growth rate is 5%-10%,compared with traditional seedlings,This upgrade seedling technology by using Biogas fertilizer makes the amount of chemical fertilizer reduced.By coveing non woven fabric is bearthable,permeable also can be degraded.Let anone result in like the separation of the moisture and nutrient conduction by plastic sheeting.good for the protection of the paddy’s ecological growth environment.


“Today’s spot learned ‘two strokes’practical skills,one is using non woven fabric to take place of green seedlings,another is add a layer of hemp seedlings film in the bottom of the seedling bottom.it is both moisturizing and good for the seedling rooted in the plate.”Ouyan Jing general manager from Dazu district Jianqiao algricultural machine company said.They will be used in this spring’seedlings,yield this year.


It is reported that this new technology has been explored and conducted part of districts and countries of Chongqing municipality over the three years,recently have formed a relatively complete set of technology specifications,this year,it will be promoted in the whole city.