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So easy to clean

  • Author:Helen
  • Release on :2016-04-30

   Nonwoven fabric products are now widely used in many areas. The most common is to clean the kitchen room because of the ability to absorb oil.

   Sincerely speaking, the smell of cooking oil in the kitchen room is so disturbing and boring. It even cannot be cleaned up easily. After cooking, you have to spend much time to wash the pan, the dishes and the kitchen workplace The more worried thing is that some dishwashing detergent is not healthy for our body and would be harmful for our environments due to the harmful chemical composition.

   Now, the nonwoven fabric is helpful for us. We can clean our kitchen room easily because of its high ability to absorb oil. Meanwhile when we clean the dishes, we don’t have to add the dishwashing detergent which is harmful for our body and environment. So it is healthy for our body and eco- friendly for our environments.

   Moreover, the used nonwoven fabrics will be broken down by the natural microorganisms when they are exposed to rain and sunshine. They will not be the secondary pollution as the “ white pollution”.

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