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Spunbonding (Spun-bond Process)

Spunbonding (Spun-bond Process), one of the main methods for the production of non-woven material, also known as spunlaid extrusion process or polymer-laid method. Spunbond law principle is using chemical fiber spinning method to form a non-woven material by the polymer spinning, drawing, Stacking of a network, and finally by acupuncture, spunlace, hot-rolled or self-adhesive reinforcement methods .

Origin and development of spunbond non-woven fabric technology:Spunbond process is a non-woven fabric technology, its origin and development 20 is a continuation of the commercialization of synthetic filament spinning process in the 1940s and 1950s , its origins dating back to the 1940s, di the early 1950's the US Navy established a small laboratory melt extruder, melted polymer extruded from the orifice to form a very thin filament fineness of the fibers, and then hot air is blown into on net curtain, the fibers bonded to form a network, which is the earliest spunlaid technology, but due to the technical level of restrictions, the technology is not able to study it.

With the development of chemical fiber technology, the late nineteen fifties German Freudenberg and American Dupont company began to spunbond nonwoven fabric technology research, however, due to high production costs, inadequate technical and other reasons, the technology has research results have not been promoted. The 1960s the United States Du-pont company applied for patents,  industrial production is began to the mid-1960s, spunbond nonwoven fabric technology has been developed in the late 1960s seventies, Germany Laifen company uses the whole horizontal venturi distraction apparatus, so that the quality of spunbond non-woven fabric has a larger increase, industrial production level has been great progress. Later, American Essen company apply to the spunbond meltblown technology, the use of special drawing device structure, which makes spunbond nonwoven fabric technology have greater development.

According to  spunbond production technology, rapid development, high growth rate, large capacity, high quality, excellent performance, a wide range of product applications, market adaptability, together with spunbond non-woven short production process , high production efficiency with large-scale production advantages, preferred spunbond nonwoven fabric strength and elongation properties. Now, with the emergence of multi-nozzle meltblown and spunbond composite technology, bi-component fiber spinning and other differentiated technology, spunbond nonwoven fabric technology to bring more broad application prospects, so the twentieth century nine after the 1980s, spunbond non-woven fabric products got more rapid and broader development is advanced technology use and other aspects.