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Surgical Disposable Non woven Adult Underpad

  • Author:JENNY
  • Release on :2016-07-07

Disposable surgical Underpad CE&ISO 13485&Surgical Disposable Non woven Adult Underpad

1. Top sheet(non-woven fabric),keeps dry and comfortable

2.Second layer(soft tissue paper),to fix the fluff well.

3.Third layer(USA fluff pulp with Japan SAP),assures high absorbency.

4.Forth layer(soft tissue paper paper), to fix the fluff well.

5.Bottom layer(PE film which is waterproof), guarantees the cleanlines of the bed.


Absorbent medical disposable underpad

Hospital disposable underpad

incontinence nursing bed pad

The product is extra width and length designed, which enlarges the guard and absorption then keeps the surface clean.
More high absorption is added into it. Use the reticular embossed design, which induces the fluid diversion towards each side, then keep the surface comfortable.
Use super non-woven as the top layer, which feels comfortable.
Disinfectant & Protective
Can be produced according to customers' requirments.


Applicable people:

men and women the use of either! Hospital surgery, gynecological examination, maternal care, child care, paralyzed patients, incontinence, mobility, menstruating women, husband and wife intercourse, travel, pets ideal for disposable hygiene products.



simpe to use, hygiene, soft and comfortable, absorbent leak, etc., it can not only ensure the user's body dry and comfortable, prevent dirty bed sheets, mattresses, eliminate between the user, the user and the caregiver between the cross-infection may also reduce the burden on health care workers and family members, to change the sheets from the daily pain. Hospitals, ideal for home care.


The product is a one-time use, please replace dirty after use.


After the expansion of health mattress, laid directly on the bed, soft non-woven surface contact with the body.