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The application of non-woven fabric in the clothing lining cloth accessories

Fireman from swat team at work wear sneakers, almost everyone is touched by a non-woven aspects, non-woven fabric has many applications, the most important benefits of garment: clean room, laboratory, hospital, etc.

In practice in non-woven fabric can wick moisture from your body, let you cool or warm.

For clean room durable nonwovens used in nuclear and biological accident suit provides a protective barrier, to keep dangerous pathogens and microorganisms into contact with the workers.

Non-woven fabric for the first reaction can be used to make bulletproof vests, firefighters and military clothing.Nonwoven materials provide extreme durability, high tensile strength, flame retardant, resistance to water and air permeability, not to mention cost-effective.

Non-woven even in shirt, look at cuff, collar and lapel.They often provided with non-woven fabric stiffness and help keep the shape.