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To be an honest business woman

To Be an Honest Business Woman 

As we all know, "SARS" raging in 2003, which aroused a non-woven industrial Xiantao explosive growth of the year. "Each company can not complete so many face masks orders even by overtime day and night .


Almost overnight, Our boss Mrs Fan found that many small workshops of the non-woven masks ,surgical gowns had sprung up in surrounding towns , the dealers sat down in the entrance yard for fighting for the goods. "many people still remembered that spectacular. Watching your fingertips profits, many owners abandoned conventional orders, crazy rushing to face masks, only Our boss Mrs Fan kept calm. "SARS can not always exist , give up many old customers for the temporary benefit , is not honest and wise" . Maintain our pace of production at the same time, she did not forget to learn the MBA.


After a few months, the market-proven her judgment, she gained more customers. "Many others customers run here to me , I can only advise some customers back." She recalled: "I said to them, you line up here with me, delay or themselves ; they know they were wrong and then will cherish to complete the order accurately with high quality "

Our Boss MRS Fan always teach us to be honest when we do every business with every customer.She is not only our boss , but also our teacher and  idol.