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What does non woven fabric made of?

  • Author:Rhycom
  • Release on :2016-04-19

Non woven fabric is made from direct or random fiber,it is a new generation environmental material,with moisture,breathable,flexible,lightweight,non-combustion,easily biodegradable,non-toxic and non-irritatating,colorful,inexpensive,recyclable ect features.It is made from PP pellets,under high temperature melting,spinning,shop classes,hot take-up from a continuous one-step production,beause it looks like pearls,so also is called pearls canvas.


Advantages for non woven fabric:air permeability,filtration,insulation,water absorbtion,scalability,non disheveled,soft and smoothy,flexible,resilient,non fabric direction,high productivity output,fast speed production,cheap cost and can be bulk production,stable size,not easy to deformed.


Disadvantages for non woven fabric the strength and durability is not as good as common fabric cloth,can not be washable as common cloth,the fibers are arranged in a certain direction,so it is easy to split from the perpendicular direction,and so on,therefor,the recent production is focus on the split resistance improvement.


Main function:

Medical,hygiene nonwoven:surgical gown,coverall,sterile bandage,face mask,diapers,civilian cloth,wipes,wet towel,magic towel,counting towel roll,beauty products,sanitary napkins,sanitary pads,and disposable sanitary cloth ect.

Home direction also use non woven fabrics like wall cloth,tablecloth,bed sheet,bedspreads ect.

Garments also made of non woven fabric:like lining,interlining,flakes,stereotypes cotton,synthetic leather base cloth ect.

Substrate roofing waterproofing membrane and asphalt shingles, reinforced materials, polishing materials, filter materials, insulation materials, cement packaging bags, geotextile, cladding cloth, etc.

Non woven fabric also used in algriculture: crop protection cloth, seedling distribution, irrigation cloth, insulation curtain, etc;

Other non woven fabric use: cotton space, noise insulation materials, absorption felt, cigarette filters, tea bags pack bags, shoes, etc.