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What is a non-woven?

          Because it takes a kind not by cobwebs tissues are formed, only short textile fibers or filaments for directional or random support columns form a fiber network structure, and then. By the method of mechanical, hot glue or chemical acceptance gain

          Not consist of a yarn weaving, knitting together, but the fiber directly together by physical processes, so when you have your clothes stick said, you will notice, is can not afford the loose thread ends.Nonwovens the traditional principle of the textile break and a short process flow, production speed, high performance, low cost, wide application, source of raw materials, etc.

It can be broadly divided into the main purpose:
(1) Health cloth: apparel, protective clothing, XiaoDuBao cloth mask, diapers, feminine sanitary napkin, etc;
(2) family decorative cloth, wall cloth, tablecloth, bed sheet, duvet, etc;
(3) with a cloth, put cotton lining, interfacing, flocculus, finalize the design, all kinds of synthetic leather base cloth, etc.
(4) Industrial Fabrics: filter materials, insulation materials, cement bags, nonwoven and coated fabrics, etc;
(5) the agricultural fabric: crop protection cloth, seedlings, irrigation cloth, insulation curtain, etc;.
(6) Other: Space cotton insulation, heat preservation material, linoleum, cigarette filters, bags, tea bags etc.