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Why the world people treat China so unfair?

  • Author:Helen
  • Release on :2016-08-13

During a medal projection segment on Saturday night's Olympic coverage, the broadcaster incorrectly displayed Chile's flag instead of the Chinese flag.

Chinese viewers reacted angrily, posting to social media about the mistake, and mentioning that even while the show's host spoke, he did not pick up

'I was so much in shock when I saw the national flag of China was actually the national flag of Chile,' they wrote.

'This is really not acceptable for a national TV broadcast across Australia to make such unprofessional or rather say irresponsible mistake.

One commenter believes the slip up was a 'jealous set up against the recent years success of China'.


However, there are so many unfair on weightlifting, Gymnastics, Women’s Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Women’s Football and so on.

No matter what happen, we can only face them peacefully. Come on, China. Come on, all the Chinese Olympic athletes.

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