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Wildfire in Canada,Urgent aid from Rhycom

  I wrote this news with very heavy hands . The Fort McMurray is a really beautiful town of Canada ,which I got to see from one of our customer s pictures on his page of facebook . He used to walk a while with his wife every evening from the sunlight to the sunset . Their life should be in harmonious with their whole lifespan spending longer and longer.


   But unfortunately, there happened the big wildfire in the forest in 3nd,May. He show me the pictures . The fire station can not control the situation at last from the 5th, May due to the drought in their place for so long period. Many citizens lost their homes, At last , they had to move to the center city of Alberta to keep far way the wild and brutal fire .


  Our company sent many medical consumables to Alberta for urgent aid. The anti-fire coverall , face masks are the most needed in there.We hope the god bless all of the citizens in Alberta , and return them their homes right now .