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Xiantao,Hubei the development of new non-woven fabric industry upgrade to high-end level

  • Author:Rhycom
  • Release on :2016-04-01

Xiantao owns the great reputation for it is a China non woven fabric industry city,recently,Xiantao non woven fabric industry has formed a complete industrial cluster,it is famous in the whole country.

Even though it is winter,you will felt so warm in China rhycom non woven products company’s workmanshop,the workers are working intensely and orderly,This production line is producing the world’s most high end non woven health care non woven products.

General Manager Deng Nianhua: "At present, the products manufactured by this product line is the first-class in Asia,with it’s true health and medical grade level."

This production line has produced more than 700tons non-wovenfabrics in only ten days, the output value arrived 12 million.This production line invested by 450 million,only three in the world,it the first one in the world.

Xiantao is famous for it’s non woven fabric products, two thousand enterprises, 116 large scale enterprises among them..Xiantao city implement vigorously the large enterprises strategy.,lead non woven fabric industry to upgrade by leading enterprises.For example,in 2011,some famous enterprises built the formation with Xiantao local enterprises,erected a banner by non woven industrial transformation and upgrading expanding branding effect.

Xiantao non woven industrial chain fromed a complet transformation chain from single products chain.The product line transfer from face mask,shoe cover ect general products to medical,aerospace high-end .workmanship transfer from hand-made to intelligent processing,the rate of high-end products arrived more than 60%.The export rate arrived more than 40%.it is already the world’s largest non woven industrial base.

Chairman of the Xiantao Rhycom Non Woven Sarah Fan: "Rhycom factory rooted in Price Lake non woven products base whose square arrives 100,000 square meters,which is the largest in our country.