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Xiantao Rhycom non-woven products Co.,Ltd Fire-drill

  • Author:JENNY
  • Release on :2016-03-26

Xiantao Rhycom non-woven products Co.,Ltd Fire-drill


In order to improve personnel safety fire protection consciousness, further understand of fire and other emergency handling process, and the coordination in the process of dealing with emergencies,Strengthen the personnel mutual help in the fire rescue, improve the consciousness of self-saving, clear our obligation of responsibility in the fire.Xiantao Rhycom has Hold a fire drill.



Every staffs put on disposable non-woven face mask,disposable non-woven coverall


Fire drill plan:

1.Evacuation is a very difficult work, so be calm, calm, orderly, and all staff to guide the guests in their own work area, calm and orderly from fire safety entrance to an apartment outside the safety area, when the fire is difficult to control, by the top director ordered dial "119" call the police, the staff enter a state of emergency evacuation, a security department personnel to meet the public security fire brigade fire engines arrived outside the apartment.Security guards opened the evacuation exit, according to the evacuation plan execution.

2.Fireman Show How to use fire extinguisher,then we did ourselves

3.explain How to reduce and prevent fire accidents


By this practicing activity, improve our fire safety consciousness, and know how to reduce and prevent accidents when we use electricity,gas,fire, and master the fire safety knowledge, learn the method of handling fire accident at the early fire stage, enhance escape and self-help skills, protect people's lives and property from fire loss.