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Xiantao disposable gown exporter

  • Author:Amy
  • Release on :2016-06-16

1.Disposable isolaltion gown

  Disposable isolation gown is hot sale.The material has PP nonwoven,SMS nonwoven,PP+PE.They have blue,white,green,yellow,red and so on.They can be used for medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, laboratorial, industrial sector.The picture as following:

disposable isolation gown
2.Nonwoven patient gown
  There are patient gown without sleeves or with short sleeve.The material has PP nonwoven,SMS nonwoven.The application has hospital,clinic.The picture of products as following:
Nonwoven patient gown
3.Disposable scrub suit
  The quality of nonwoven scrub suit is very good.They have T shirt and trousers with ties.The material is commonly SMS nonwoven fabric.The picture of products as following:
disposable scrub suit