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Xiantao non-woven fabric exports accounted for a third country

In 2013, was awarded China's only non-woven industry xiantao city.In recent years, encourage enterprises to enlarge the city rules fission, go the way of innovation, set up "national productivity promotion center" non-woven products, high-end products in the proportion of more than 80%.Constant day ka wah new domestic first SMMSS production line with full independent intellectual property rights, investment 450 million yuan, the first in the new Asia, the world's third lai Finn bicomponent nonwovens production line.
Xiantao non-woven products are mainly exported to the us and Europe, with Britain, the BBC, a large number of well-known international companies such as American alpha form strategic partner.Non-woven fabric exports accounted for a third country in the city, become the largest production base of non-woven fabric.