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The rapid escalation of Xiantao City, non-woven industrial chain

  • Author:Rhycom
  • Release on :2016-04-01

Xiantao Rhycom nonwoven fabric company is expanding Their work site, workers are working in the sun, pull wires, Champlain Piles, construction of the wall, it is said that the new project will mainly produce High-grade composite nonwoven products, with annual sales can up to 100 Six million yuan, taxes can 5millions.


Protection from a single product to Medical products, non-woven products business scale Rhycom companies and major Product upgrades, has more than 30 midlle high Nonwovens Production forests, high-end products accounted for more than 95%, it is Top three.In the first half of the industry's export value reached 25.39million, an increase of 42.2% over the same period last year.


Spun non-woven fabric is not required And woven fabrics to fromed only by random arrangements or orientedly The network structure of textile staple fibers or filaments formed by  Mechanical, chemical or thermal curing method.  


Bristol started in the nonwovens industry The early 1980s, but in recent years, the international non-woven products transferred to Refined, high and low prices, domestic enterprises can no longer non-woven fabrics In order to meet foreign business, such as "sample processing" Being simple Profit value-added services, and encourage the relevant Bristol Enterprise "self-revolution", to create high-end industrial chain, lead Innovation-driven path.


Result of the conversion is from "market Forced to go "to" market hold out "to promote the efficiency and upgrade Statistics ecomomy.According development of local areas, city Non-woven Enterprise national invention patent applications Darby 50, a large number of enterprises through the ISO9002, CE, N95 certification.