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Xiantao nonwoven fabric exports accounted for one-third of the country

  • Author:Rhycom
  • Release on :2016-04-19

On eighth,anothrt conoy left Xiantao Non Woven Products Co.,Ltd.Chairman of this company said.This patch of goods was ordered by a world five hundred Mexico company,from January the company output value arrived 200 million, a 20% percent increase from the same period last year.


Rhycom Non Woven Products Co.,Ltd owns 30 middle and high-end non woven production lines,it is the third one in the domestic country.


Rhycom Non Woven Porducts Co.,Ltd is a successful example for the Xiantao non woven fabric industrial upgration.it’s main products including disposable non-woven surgical gown,isolation gown,disposable non woven face mask,non woven safety shoe cover,beauty spa gown,hair salon non woven gown,car seat cover,sterring wheel cover,car floor cover ect.At present,Xiantao’s non-woven industrial have been transfer from daily use products to high-end medical safety protective products,the workman shop also transferred from ordinary to aseptic workmanshop.Workmanship transfer from simple hand made to automatic machine made,there are more than 50 invention patents have been passed by the Xiantao city’s enterprises,a large number of enterprises have passed ISO9002,CE,N95 ect certification.


Since year of 2013,Xiantao city was famous for it’s non woven fabric industry.Recently the government in Xiantao city encourage the enterprises expanded their scale and regulation fission,try creative development,it was called“a national grade non woven fabric products productivity center”,middle and high-end products accounted for more than 80%.


Xiantao woven products are mainly exported to the US, Europe and Asia, with the British BBC, United States Alpha, a large number of well-known international companies formed a strategic partnership. Exports account for one-third of the city's non-woven fabrics, non-woven become the largest production base.

Xiantao Non Woven products are mainly exported to European market,and USA market,they have cooperated with a large number of famous English and American enterprises,accounted for one-third in the whole country,it is already one of the non woven fabric production base.