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Non woven disposable surgical gown

Non woven fabric material disposable surgical gown is breathable, comfort, soft, makes the surgical doctor much more convenient.Today, different protective level of surgical gown have made their good performance on anti-bacteria, safty, anti-cross infection, environmental protection ect.The non woven fabric should have a good future, however, it was not so smooth.

Medical non woven investor focus on their attention on the top three hospitals.

Huaqiao University's professor Chen Qin Lan said, according to hospital segment, so far it is the top three hospitals and the domestic high-end private hospitals choose the non woven disposable surgical gown, they have strictly requirements on the medical protective products, the top three operating room's academic status is also high than other grade hospitals, makes the top three, especially the seaside area's top three hospitals becoming our country's

Biggest disposable surgical gown consumable market.

Statistics from the health Ministry, top three hospital's medical expenses are more higher than second grade and first grade hospital, at the eastern seaside are, as the economy is developing so well, the medical expense can be handled more well, otherwise, for the pollution of the climate, ang large pupolation, also the invaded desease, makes all kinds of desease rate is increasing, for the medical resources are more abundant than undeveloped area, authorized medical specialize, medical technology can not be douted.So many patients come to big city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou ect places for medical health treatment, makes this area's large hospitals's clinic frequency much more frequent.

Large medical products required area, also is the domestic non woven fabric enterprises's invested area.

Rhycom Non Woven Products Co., Ltd brought about and self digested the latest high barrier SMS production line, SMS spun mel non-woven fabric was made of five layer structure (spunbond layer, 3 layer meltblow, spunbond, ultra-thin fiber in the middle as thin as the skin, it payed a reliable, selective filtering barrier role, it is the best choose for medical surgical gown.

As for Asia human features, PTFE composite film used for the barrier layer to produce the mul-ti functional medical gown, with high quality physical mechanical performance, permanent waterproof, anti-bacteria, anti-statics, flame retardant, moisture and anti blood, anti bacteria under natural environment and pressure, the barrier rate arrived 99%, every indicators arrived GB19082 AND wsb58 requirements.