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disposable suitcase cover

  • Author:JENNY
  • Release on :2016-05-31
  Last Friday is my baby's birthday,i asked one day for leave,I took my baby to amusement park Wanda Plaza,on the bus,i saw one passenger took luggage to go to the train station,
her luggage is covered with beautiful and cute dust protector to prevent dirty and dust. 

disposable luggage cover
  Which is washable and waterproof,dust-proof and reusable,Why didn't I not find before,since now i am a salesman for non woven disposable product,these dust cover is our sales field. 

disposable suitcase dust protector
  If you have one discoverable eyes,you will find our products are widely used in every field in daily life.

20": H50cm L38cm W23cm
22": H53cm L40cm W24cm
24": H60cm L42cm W26.5cm
26": H64cm L43.5cm W27.5cm
28": H69cm L49.5cm W29cm
29":H71cm L52cm W32cm
30":H75cm L54cm W34cm

material:80-100gsm non woven 

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