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formed from the product processing chain

  • Author:allen
  • Release on :2016-04-14
"We worked well together, there is so much to live, made endless wealth." March 1, the reporter walked into Xiantao wadi food industrial park, gorgeous, Huayuan, British Division's veterans a a grin. In their own words, this is the chain to the "chain" out of the dividend. 

Formed from the processing to stop printing and packaging dry river food chain is Xiantao industrial economy of the industrial chain to build a successful example. Xiantao identify the point of economic transformation and upgrading of force, focusing on industrial upgrading and extension of industrial chain, "economic train" speed efficiency. 

Last year, the city's storage revenue had more than 50 million business of 171, compared to last year added 44; storage revenue in 5 to 10 million yuan enterprises have between 20 yuan, a net increase of 14. Bons, Want Want, kiss, new hair and other seven companies are in storage revenue from 10 million to 100 million yuan or more. 

Xiantao industrial economy has experienced a small and scattered to seek bigger and stronger in the process.Especially the world financial crisis, Bristol City, from the development of industries has been a profound revelation, put forward to develop the food, machinery and electronics, pharmaceutical chemicals, non-woven Eisai five major industry, find out the transformation and upgrading of the force point, savings should The energy challenges of the market, and enhance the economic development strength. Optimize the layout of the project up and down the city, forming a difference in the pattern of development of the industrial economy. 

Right now, the food industry into the "blowout." The momentum of the development of brands get together more and more apparent. Wadi food and Bristol Industrial Park Industrial Park in Taiwan has been gathering Want, kiss, Fujian, Guangdong coincidence, Guangdong Huamei, Fujian sea of ​​new, four Chuanmi old man, Shanghai Rong Hong Kong and other Chinese brands, Chinese Famous Brand 14 brands of food processing . Bristol Industrial Park, Long Mountain, Hu Sha Tsui field offices and the town around the machinery, electronics issue, the formation of the distinctive characteristics of machinery and electronics Industrial Park, were the introduction of Sunrise Auto Parts, Beijing Shenwu, Tripod Electronic, Fuji and machinery, AcBel Polytech, NIVS electronics, Putian Power, Beit Will electric cars, the August batch of brand-based auto parts, leading enterprises. Taiwan Tripod, Shenzhen Giesecke, respectively, creating a total investment of U.S. $ 500 million and $ 1.5 billion, thereby speeding up the Bristol City from the rough to high mechanical and electrical products, the new, refined product changes. West River Chemical Industrial Park based on the current starting point, has introduced Hubei Yihua, blue sky and a number of high-profile chemical companies. Peng field and other places focus on the development of high-grade non-woven production line, non-woven past year, the new plant 20 million square meters, the new high-grade non-woven material on the 12 production lines, industrial scale and level significantly. 

Xiantao industry cluster development project to create the different regions have different characteristics of the industrial advantages, industry features formed a business investment and lead to continued business linkage effects; "extended version" of the chain came into being. Woven to create only from product development, raw material production to product processing, supplies, facilities, packaging, logistics and transport of complete industrial chain; food industry emerged from processing, production of raw materials to machinery manufacturing, logistics and distribution of the dragon-type system ; machinery and electronics chain is being formed to accelerate the formation of new economic growth pole. 

Industry's rapid economic development of Bristol City's economic strength provides the heavy chips. Last year, the Xiantao scale industrial added value more than 12.5 billion yuan, sales income of more than 45.7 billion yuan, profits of 50 billion yuan, an increase of 22.5%, respectively, 35.67%, 60.8%. . This year, Bristol City, the industrial economy to maintain strong momentum of development, production and marketing profits than last year increased significantly.